How we’ve generated 64k+ for a client 
with a 4,5k ad spend
This case study breaks down how we used our Atomic Ads framework and our Atomic Marketing approach to generate a 14X ROAS for our client.

If you are struggling to break even with your FB ads campaigns, don’t know how to generate the return you are aiming for, or you simply have reached a plateau, you definitely want to read this case study.
Atomic Marketing Approach
Essential to a successful facebook ads campaign: an Atomic Marketing approach. Remember, you’re not just an advertiser, you’re an investor.

And you’re not just scaling Facebook ads, you’re scaling your business, your livelihood, your future.

You’re not squeezing the most out of your campaigns for two main reasons:
  • You haven’t realized that the success of your Facebook ads is key to overall business success. If your business doesn’t have strong foundations, you won’t get strong results.

    ​How do you build strong foundations? You either go it alone, or you partner with someone who really knows what they’re doing. And no, it’s not an ad agency, they don’t know eCommerce business.
  • You don’t know the platform like we do.
Atomic Framework Hacks
Alright, it’s time to pull the curtain back.
Here are a few sneaky Facebook strategies we use to boost conversion rates.

Note: These are mostly technical strategies to be employed with an account that is already performing.

80% of our results come from creative branding and ad-angles (building your foundations). These technical strategies make up the final 20%.
Here’s what we’ll touch on:

  • 75% Top of Funnel (TOF) Cold Audience $375
  • ​4CW retargeting strategy
  • ​Super LAL CBO
Facebook Ads Rules Hacks
Crucial to technical success on Facebook is using the platform’s automated rules.

Automated rules are rules you can set on Facebook to tell the platform how to manage your campaigns and make changes on your behalf based on the rule’s parameters.

2020 was a decidedly unstable year, but – in general – there are always moments of instability, no matter the year. Implementing a series of automated rules on your account helps you save a ton of money, as Facebook AI is able to predict trends better than we can and, with stop/losses to our ads, we can make sure that we can make immediate changes should they go in the wrong direction.

The three main automated rules we use:
  • Increase campaign ad spend by 20% every 48 hours if ROAS has been higher than 5X for the past 3 days
  • ​Stop campaign if ROAS is less than 3.5X
  • ​Stop ads if they get less than 2 purchases in 48 hours
4CW retargeting strategy
An incredibly frustrating thing we see way too much is a lack of auditing ad accounts where retargeting is not working.

We mean, sometimes you can make money with cold campaigns alone (it actually happened to a client of ours this year)but 97% of the time, retargeting doesn’t work because people don’t know how to make them work.

Before working with us, our client's retargeting campaigns were averaging a 4X ROAS. After we got our hands on them, ROAS soared to over 15X. And it had nothing to do with luck.

In particular, the audience that ended up the most profitable was “website visitors of the last 20 days”. This is a secret weapon that few of our fellow advertisers know about!

We set up a CBO campaign with that audience duplicated 4 times, and each Ad set with a different conversion window, so:

Ad set 1 - 1day 1click
Ad set 2 - 7 days 1click
Ad set 3 - 1 day click
Ad set 4 - 7 day click
       Why do this?
Because even if the audience was the same on all four Ad sets, changing the conversion window each time allowed us to reach different users in the same audience. And since that audience, proved to be the most profitable, we managed to reach all users in the most profitable audience to truly maximize its potential.

Combining our experience and strategic view with deep knowledge of Facebook hacks transformed an initial made the 4X ROAS to our 15X ROAS on bad days...
One of the campaigns we test most often on our clients’ ad accounts, just because it is so profitable, is the Super LAL CBO.

It’s basically a CBO Campaign using 5 Ad sets with the same audience: a stack of your 8 best Lookalikes 1% (the most profitable from your tests).

You want to stack those lookalikes and then duplicate the final audience 5 times because you'll end up with a pretty large audience made of some of your best cold audiences. Duplicating it 5 times means you are going to find some profitable pockets, and once you have, you can just optimize the campaign, switching off everything but the Ad set that brings you the sales. And the game is done.

It usually works very well at scale with a daily budget of €300 on this campaign alone, but it’s always worth testing it with smaller budgets too.
Wrap up
To get to a 14X+ ROAS, unless you have an incredible business and products that they sell extremely easily, you need to have the right foundations and a clear strategy. The Facebook ads hacks that we discussed in this case study won’t change your ROAS from a 3X to a 10X without solid business foundations, communication, and marketing angles.

If you are looking for a partner that can revolutionize your business performance and your Facebook ads campaigns results and you’ve been ripped off by advertising agencies in the past, you definitely want to schedule a free scaling session with our team.
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